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In the past few weeks, several Willows residents have brought up the issue of landscaping throughout the community.

Most of the comments have been critical of the current vendors attention to detail, among other issues.  As we move forward with building community involvement with the issues that concern all of us, it would be very productive to get feedback from community members on this issue, as well as others.

If you have an opinion, point-of-view, or suggestion concerning the “landscaping” issue or any other community issue, please feel free to comment on this post so that these issues may be discussed at upcoming meetings.

4 Comments to “Landscaping”

  1. becky newman
    I have lived in the Willows for over 5 years. I am very satisfied with the landscapping. I think more than landscapping I am sick of all of the trash that the builders let blow around. It is as if noone picks up after their day at the office, which is outside building these homes. I am concerned as I find much of the debris blowing over to the lake and into the water. Which is a hazard to the wildlife and fish. I am always picking this stuff up. It seems as the majority of it comes from the Fischers homes and along from the western part of the sub-division. Hopefully they will be respectful of the neighbors and pick up after themselves.
  2. randy goodwin
    Be careful for what you wish. The vendor used is the initial vendor and is well aware of community needs and has served us well. The vendor does contract work based on what the developer 'Sanders' wants. The overall landscape design is good.The problem is the material used to complete the landscape. The initial use of inferior materials will only begin to show up in the near future. Example in point, the ash trees planted at both entry. This genus was inexpensive based on a known future created by the emerad ash tree borer. Our individual expenses will occur when these trees die with the developer increasing our hmo to replace what should never have been planted initially.
  3. Rodney
    Tim... or Neil, Has there been change to construction ordinances? Walked dog today and snooped on the Ryland homes to see layout and configurations. Appears construction standards have been greatly relaxed with regard to insulation and attic ventilation above build outs on these homes. Curious. I have pic to share if you'd like copy. Walls have mere R15 batting and no Foam Sealant per our ordinances. Cheers...
  4. Tim Cramer
    Rodney- I've scanned all 8 variations of the covenants and can't seem to find any language that speaks directly to insulation. However, I was moving pretty quickly. The documents are available here online, please let me know if you find specific language and we'll address the issue. It's my understanding that city/county building codes trump community covenants (either good or bad) and that the builders are going to choose to build the home that garners the highest return-for them.

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