Pool Vandalism

July 6, 2013 General News Leave a comment

Dear Residents of the Willows,

It has been brought to our attention by our Pool Management Company that the Willows Pool bathrooms are being used after hours as a location for illegal activities.  We consider this vandalism and trespassing as well. 

The Pool Management Company has found Marijuana, Beer cans and other like items.  They have even found feces smeared on the wall.  Fortunately, the Pool Management Company arrives early in the morning and cleans this up prior to the arrival of residents and guests.  The Pool Management Company is at the pool 4-5 mornings a week.  So, we cannot guarantee that they will be able to clean up these messes every morning. 

We have multiple concerns that have prompted this email.  First and foremost is the safety and enjoyment of the facility for all of you.  We are open to suggestions, but are considering locking the bathrooms each night and putting a padlock on the gate.  We assume whoever is doing this is jumping the fence and entering the bathrooms.

There is a cost involved in locking the bathrooms.  Other communities have volunteers within the community lock the bathrooms at night and unlock them in the morning.   This is the most cost effective way.   We are looking for a few volunteers that would handle these duties.  If we cannot find volunteers, we will further investigate paying someone to do this.  Initial research is telling us that the trip charge to do this would be unreasonable.

Please be vigilant in regard to the pool after hours and if you see anything at all, please call 911, and report it as breaking and entering.

If anyone is willing to volunteer, please contact property manager, Nicole McGinley at 317-207-4281 or via email at willows@mgroupmanagement.com


January 20, 2013 Conversation 4 Comments

In the past few weeks, several Willows residents have brought up the issue of landscaping throughout the community.

Most of the comments have been critical of the current vendors attention to detail, among other issues.  As we move forward with building community involvement with the issues that concern all of us, it would be very productive to get feedback from community members on this issue, as well as others.

If you have an opinion, point-of-view, or suggestion concerning the “landscaping” issue or any other community issue, please feel free to comment on this post so that these issues may be discussed at upcoming meetings.

New Email List Sign-Up Added

December 13, 2012 General News 1 Comment

To make things a bit more simple, we have chosen to use the MailChimp email newsletter platform to keep track of all of the emails we’re receiving.

Shortly after you submit your email, you will response from MailChimp requesting that you confirm your submission.  Once you’ve done that, you’re on the list and we’ll be able to blast everyone more efficiently.

Happy Holidays!

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